Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm not going to say it again!

Oh my! I should get on this thing more often I know. I really have had great intentions, but just don't seem to get the job done. Life comes at me fast now days. I thrilled that I remember to put my underwear on everyday! I'm trying to remember where I left off since my last post. I have sent 2 more letters to his BM, but have not heard back from her. I really don't expect to, and honestly don't know what I'd think if I did hear from her. This is going to sound strange I know, but most days, I forget that I didn't birth him myself. Silly me, but I forget about her every day of the month until it comes time to print pictures and write her letter. I thought it might get easier each time, but it really hasn't. It's still a very unnatural thing, but there again, so is adoption, and God has made that an extremely natural process for us. I tried to upload his monthly pictures for you, but I can't figure out how to rotate them. They're saved correctly in my pictures, but upload sideways. I'll keep trying though.
Now for the adoption update. We have a couple of serious prayer needs. Long story short, I received a call last week from the attorney's office in Utah that I had been in contact with during our stay there. I have been trying to contact him ever since we've been home, but have not been successful. They informed me that they have no memory of us at all. There is no file on us at his office. A petition to the court in Utah that was supposed to be submitted within the first 30 days of Bennett's life was not done, nor has the birth fathers rights be term Salt Lake City area, and have yet to speak with anyone interested in taking our case on. I was suprised yesterday when I was calling around how rude they were. The secretaries treated me like I was a solicitor selling them granola from Hong Kong. There is a lawyer that the couple we stayed with in Utah referred us to. He is a believer which is comforting, but he's also very busy. So, I haven't been able to speak with him directly either. We're just continuing to pray that the Lord brings the right attorney to us. Hopefully, we'll hear something back soon and someone will be able to answer our questions. Please continue to pray for us and that this whole matter gets solved quickly and painlessly. Our trust is still completely in the Lord, so we'll just sit back and wait for Him to move! Thanks for praying! Until next time.......

"Faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to."


Emilymud said...

I am so happy to see a new post. I will be thinking about you and that all is well with the paper work. Enjoy that little guy

Mary Kate said... have a blog?? I am so glad I found this!! I just love finding friends blogs!! How are things going??